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The Industry Leader in Affordable Spectrum Analyzing and Spectrum Monitoring Systems. We combine the latest in DSP and Phase Lock Technology to provide stability and accuracy second to none.

Cable TV & Satellite Teleport Facilities

LPT spectrum analyzers and spectrum monitoring systems are an excellent fit for Teleport and Cable Television head end applications. As a leader in spectrum analyzing and remote spectrum monitoring our affordable products will bring you the flexibility and technical solutions for any satellite broadcast environment. These units are also ideal for the monitoring of manned or remote teleport earth stations anywhere in the world.

Radio & Television Broadcast

In the ever changing world of radio and television, LPT spectrum analyzers are essential in testing for FCC compliance. LPT Spectrum Analyzers actually have the DTV, NRSC, FCC and Ibiquity compliance mask embedded right into the system software. LP Technologies was the first to bring you the remotely switchable, multi-input, rack mount spectrum monitor widely used in the Sprint/Nextel 2GHz BAS project.

Wireless Spectrum Management

LPT is your first choice in wireless broadband spectrum management solutions. Our low cost, high quality spectrum monitoring instruments can be easily integrated into any spectrum monitoring software platform for use over your local network or VPN. While many similar products are limited to onsite operation, our products allow flexible ease of use from your office, studio, or home.

Mobile Satellite

LPT rack mount and portable spectrum monitors are ideal for satellite truck and mobile applications. LPT units are built to take the punishment that both military and commercial mobile telecommunications platforms require. They are designed to utilize minimum space requirements while delivering maximum technical advantages. Our units are designed to withstand the rugged conditions inherent to mobile broadcast and receiving.


LPT Spectrum Analyzers are ideal for use in ATE stations and production technician stations. The ultra fast networking capabilities of our products allow Test Engineers the flexibility of delivering fast test results with the technical data provided by our instruments to your application software. The multi- channel RF inputs allow fast connections, increasing time efficiency. GPIB or Ethernet options are always available at your request. LPT spectrum analyzers are also very valuable tools for any RF rich R&D environment.


Typically spectrum analyzers are used to measure the emission levels of the equipment under test across a wide band of frequencies. LPT spectrum analyzers offer a spectrum emission mask and a spurious emission mask embedded in our system software to provide you a reliable and accurate EMC, EMI and RFI testing platform.

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